Moving mattresses

for clients

has never been easier

Moving mattresses

for clients

has never been easier

Doing the heavy lifting

8 handles for safe moves

The Big Blue Bag has 8 sturdy handles which makes moving client’s mattresses a breeze

Heavy-duty tarp for protection

The heavy-duty tarp material protects the mattress from getting dirty or damaged during the move.

Easy closure with large zippers

Ready to move in an instant. Fold up the mattress bag, put the mattress in, and close the large zippers.

The #1 mattress bag for moving companies 

N No more wasted time or damaged mattresses.

N With the The Big Blue Bag, moves become fast, efficient and professional.

Save time with faster moves

When you get the mattresses where they need to go without incident, you spend less time fielding customer complaints and more time completing jobs.

Keep your client's mattresses safe

The Big Blue Bag is designed to protect your clients’ valuable mattresses, which helps more delivery jobs (and your business) run smoothly.

See what other companies are saying about The Big Blue Bag

Since we started to use the Mattsafe bag, moving mattresses has become so much easier.

We’ve been using the bags for 100 + moves and they still hold up.

If you are moving for clients, these are definitely a must have!

Jay Ladd

J.E. Ladd & Son Transfer

When you sell a $7,000 mattress, you want to make sure it gets to the customer in perfect condition, and that’s exactly what Mattsafe bags do.

I would like to thank you for making the premium-quality bags we use to deliver our high-end products. They are easy to use and they simply WORK.

You’ll never find a better-designed bag for protecting your mattresses and your brand—keep up this level of quality and you’ll always lead the industry!

Phil Neri

The Mattress Doctor

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